Why does “transition” seem to suck for everyone

Why does the “transition” suck? Is it the use of the term? Maybe. It doesn’t feel like a transition, it feels like a firing. No matter how you look like it, you’ve quit and society doesn’t have a next step for you. You’re fired. I can honestly say I can go any direction. To any industry. It’s kind of a crap shoot. I know many of us get lost in love, in a relationship and fall forward into a relationship. I know for me, I tried to be someone that I’m not. And so, that relationship is over. done. And I am right back, as lost as I was when I first contemplated getting out. In reality, my “transition” was the sixty seconds it took to drive through the gate at Fort Campbell. It was easier than I thought it’d be, but it’s easy to take off or start something. It was easy to get married – but, it’s not easy to deal with your decisions when they lack wisdom.

I started an MBA, and my conclusion is thatĀ graduate school is a useful transition tool. I’ve written in the past that a loss of sense of purpose led me astray from special operations. Now, it’s the same old – and I’ve learned the grass is not necessarily greener. I do now think you have to create your own ideal conditions. Too bad society is such a racket.

Blowing my life up blew up my desire to clean it up

I had a good bit to do, today. In fact, I have MBA deadlines, and I actively chose not to panic about them. I’ve hit a new level of self-sabotage – where I used to do it to create stress which, in turn, makes me more efficient. I’m worried that my life has gotten so turned around, it’s cascading into just not caring. IĀ need to reinvigorate a sense of urgency. But maybe I’m at urgency fatigue. I had to get off the army in a hurry before that finish my undergrad in a rush, I got married in a hurry, I got divorced in a hurry, toss an MBA in there, searching for work (in a hurry) and it’s a mess. An object in motion wants to stay that way. I need to readjust my own orbit.